Daiva Design Studio is the place
where fantasies are embodied.

    Daiva Studio was created in 2015 by the artist Maria Chuvargina. Graduated of the Ural State University of Architecture and Art, specialism of Decorative  Applied

Art and Folk Crafts.

    The works of our studio are distinguished by a special style - you will never mix up the costumes made by the studio Daiva with others. To achieve this uniqueness we are constantly in search of new ideas, images, materials.  We do not make copies, each costume is different from each other, while maintaining the characteristic style of the author.

    Special, painstaking work, a high level of performance and constant customer support - this approach distinguishes us from others.

    Design Studio Daiva works with teams from around

the world and creates memorable costumes for them.

    Our team has extensive experience and a special approach to all leotards, unitards, dresses for competitions, because they help each athlete to feel their individuality.
     Touch the art with us!

     Unique leotards, unitards, dresses for colorful competitions.